Releasing simple_log

I have recently released a small utility library called simple_log !

simple_log is a simple to use logging utility written in C++. It is a single file header that implements logging utility functions (to file or console) that should be very easy to drop-in and start using in any pre-existing project. It currently only supports Windows applications.

simple_log came from me deciding to tidy up some logging code that I have been using in my own projects for some time now and making it available for anyone who might want to use it. The process of transforming code which I have been using only for my myself to code which might be used by others was interesting and I wanted to write a small post about some things that stuck with me.

A lot of these might be obvious to some, specially if you are a more experienced developer. But for less experienced people it might be interesting to read.

Let’s get started.

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